Hello everyone! My Name is Radost Tsvetkova

Me and DCGO

I'm one of the founders of the Dubai Classical Guitar Orchestra and hold the function of soloist ,assistant-conductor (in case Valentin is not there which never happens), player in which ever guitar necessary (officially guitar 1) and what ever else you can think of

About me

My first personal connection with music started when I was 7 years old but don't think it was a guitar , it was singing! I met my big love some 10 years later-the guitar. I studied in Angel Kanchev Art School in Bulgaria with Valentin Spasov. Having achieved all levels from Trinity College London and currently preparing the LTCL Instrumental Teaching Diploma for Trinity Guildhall. Teaching and performing in Dubai since 2001 and duo with Valentin Spasov.

ME and my Guitars

The truth is that I have only one -YAMAHA CG171C but soon I hope I will be able to change this!

ME and the Music

My first stage experience with the guitar was a disaster, It was a master class with Valentin Valchev .You might wonder why, well I wanted to be perfect, but this can't happen and there were about 20 guitarists steering at me so after the performance I just started crying! The next one was a festival "Music and Family" Ruse, Bulgaria and me and my father (pianist) got 2nd prize! Then XIth  International Guitar Festival Brno, Czech Republic 2002 ( in which I enjoyed master classes with world known guitarists such as:Enric Madriguera, Tadashi Sasaki, Vladislav Blaha, Carlos Molina, G.Grano); Dubai Music Festival (2004) and Fete de la Musique (02-06 Dubai) with DCGO.