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17-Jun-2008 One year after Grade 5, I passed Grade 6. Higher graes are getting harder and harder. It took me one year to properly prepare. I'll enjoy the summer and then start studying for Grade 7 in September.

15-Jun-2007 I have just found out that I have passed Grade 5 Trinity-Guildhal practical exam with distinction. That really made my day! To celebrate this, I have recorded one of Grade 5 songs, Carcassi Etude op60 no3. Feel free to download attached mp3 file. Mateo Carcassi - Etude op60 no3.mp3 To record it, I used Yamaha SLG100N, laptop and Audacity software. Sound is kind of 'electrish', but this is the best recording I can achieve at the moment with my setup.

About Me

Greetings to you guitar enthusiast around the world and welcome to my web page! My name is Drazen Lucic and I am a member of Dubai Classical Guitar Orchestra since November 2006.

I became interested in guitar in September 2005. Contemplating on how to make my expatriate afternoons and evenings in Dubai a bit more fun, I spotted a music shop. There I bought my first guitar; Indonesian made 6 steel strings acoustic Dreadnought. It had somehow metallic sound, which I liked at a time. The next logical step was to find a teacher, so I joined local music institute. Seeing how my teacher plays classical music, I decided to switch to nylon string Spanish guitar, so one beautiful Cuenca model 40R got a new owner, yours truly.

My background is in engineering so, as engineers usually do, I decided to find a method that, if followed, will lead me from beginner to advanced player. And there it was - a curriculum of Trinity-Guildhall College. This curriculum has 8 grades, and Iím preparing grade 5 exam at the moment.

Playing in DCGO

Rehearsing and performing with DCGO is a great fun! There is no better reward that putting a piece of your sound into harmony with others to create beautiful music. Playing in the orchestra also helped me to develop my guitar technique and, which is very important, improved my sight reading considerably.

My Guitars

My first classical guitar is already mentioned Cuenca 40R. It is a nice student Spanish guitar, with solid cedar top. I liked its sound and it brought me all the way through grade 4.

After some time I decided to upgrade. The best guitar I could find in music shops in Dubai was Raimundo model 150. It is a handcrafted, Spanish concert guitar. Specifications are:

  • cedar top
  • solid Indian rosewood special inner building, back and sides,
  • ebony fingerboard.
  • cedar with ebony reinforcement neck
  • golden and black machine heads
  • rosewood bridge and rosewood binding with white strip

As much as above specifications are impressive, the sound of that guitar is even better. It produces very rich tone, is very loud and has excellent sustain. It is absolute delight to play and very pleasant to listen.

Raimundo Model 150 Classical Guitar - My main guitar for day-to-day playing and exercising

My 3rd guitar is Yamaha Silent Guitar model SLG100N. I use that guitar when traveling and, also, for recording. I still donít have suitable equipment and environment to record anything with my Raimundo. Finding silent place in my apartment with buzz of refrigerator, AC, computer fan and street traffic is impossible.

Yamaha Model SLG100N Silent Guitar - I use it for traveling and recording

Future Plans

In short, I want to became as proficient as possible as a guitarist. I have started in my late thirties, so there is a lot to catch. Formaly, I want to achieve grade 8 with Trinity-Guildhall College. Of course, I will continue rehearsing and performing with DCGO.

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