Date, Time and Venue

07-Feb-2008, CMA Studio 3, Mall of The Emirates
Start Time: 17:45
End Time: 19:00


  1. Soleyma Abiad
  2. Imran Ahmed
  3. Tala Badri
  4. Chloe Bounader
  5. Jessica Corne
  6. Tatyana Dolganova
  7. Stefanie Hake
  8. Drazen Lucic
  9. Georges Andre Nassif
  10. Tala Obeidat
  11. Wendy Palmer
  12. George Parackal
  13. Rima Said
  14. Radost Spasova
  15. Valentin Spasov


  1. Valentin's Opening Remarks
  2. DCGO Goals and Mission Statement
  3. DCGO Concert Organization
  4. DCGO Management Appointments
  5. Roundtable Discussion

Topic 1 - Valentin's Opening Remarks

''The DCGO has reached to the point that, in order to continue its activities in a proper way, it needs to form a kind of management, which is to share the responsibilities Im caring myself for the past 6 years. Of course, there are people like you who are helping me in one way or another, but this needs to be done more officially. Now is the time to start to think and talk about the future of DCGO (plans, ideas, and suggestions).''

Topic 2 - DCGO's Goals and Mission Statement

DCGO's Goals and Mission Statement were presented by Valentin:

  1. To serve the needs of classical guitar players by enriching their ensemble skills.
  2. To teach the students how to work in a team.
  3. To lay the ground for a future classical guitar society in Dubai.
  4. To popularize the classical guitar art (workshops, lectures, ...).
  5. To give educational concerts in the schools.
  6. To organize individual concerts.
  7. To help young artists.
  8. To do charity work.
  9. To perform full length concerts for the community.

Topic 3 - DCGO Concert Organization

List of activities required to make one DCGO concert happen (presented by Valentin):

  1. Having the players.
  2. Make decision on the repertoire (if this require some individual work with some players, this should be considered).
  3. Have a backup plan in case some key player is missing
  4. Consider the time of the year, time of the week, time of the day, vacations, public holidays, etc.
  5. Make the list with pieces to be played so every one can have it.
  6. Provide suitable music scores for playing for everyone
  7. If scores are not available, arrange them and print them.
  8. Make the list of players.
  9. Find the venue.
  10. Find the sponsors (meetings, presentations, ...)
  11. Make the project for the concert program, posters, emails, fliers and VIP invitations.
  12. Print the programs posters and invitations.
  13. Advertise the concert in the media.
  14. Make an article for the web page.
  15. Send emails through the mailing list.
  16. Provide everyone with location map for the venue.
  17. Provide gifts for the members. If the gift is some souvenir, which has to be manufactured, make a project for it and do it.
  18. Provide the snack or reception, and make sure food and drinks are distributed for everyone
  19. Provide the stage with equipment (chairs, music stands lights, sound, decoration)
  20. Arrange the stage.
  21. Organize backstage dressing rooms, if available. Take care of the children.
  22. Make sure the guitars are in tune.
  23. Always have 1-2 spare guitars in case somebody breaks a string or guitar.
  24. Have on stage spare copies of every piece and for every guitar in case someone forgot his/her music.
  25. Make sure that some one is doing pictures and video.
  26. Make sure the sponsors are well exposed.
  27. Make sure everything during the concert is going in time.
  28. After the concert, collect all DCGO equipment.
  29. Send thank you letters to the sponsors and to the players.
  30. Update the web page with pictures or video.
  31. Make sure some hard copies of the pictures and videos are saved for the archive.

Not any of the above should be in contradiction with our main sponsors and the DCGOs agenda.

Topic 4 - DCGO Management Appointments

ChairpersonTala Badri, CMA DirectorAccepted
Librarian Will be nominated later
Marketing Director, PR ManagerSoleyma AbiadAccepted
WebmasterDrazen LucicAccepted
SecretaryDrazen LucicAccepted
TreasurerChristine GilmourAccepted
Fund RaiserValentin SpasovAccepted
Fund Spending CommitteeDCGO Committee, ChairpersonAccepted
Artistic Director and Main ConductorValentin SpasovAccepted
Artistic AssistantsJessica Corne, Radost Spasova, Tatyana Dolganova, Wendy PalmerAccepted, additional tasks for artistic assistants is to make some guitar orchestra arrangements
Group Leaders (guitar1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) Will be nominated later
Stage ManagerRadost SpasovaAccepted
Backstage CrewParentsShall be appointed on concert-by-concert basis
Project ManagerGeorge ParackalAccepted
Rehearsal CoordinatorsGeorges Andre Nassif, Tala Obeidat, Chloe BounaderAccepted
Financial AdviserImran AhmedAccepted, will assist Valentin in fund raising and marketing
Advertising AgentsIshika Das, Tala Obeidat, Chloe BounaderAccepted, advertising in schools and similar venues

Topic 5 - Roundtable Discussion

  1. Tala Badri informed Committee about change in pricing policy of DUCTAC. The price to rent the Centrepoint Theatre has increased drastically and CMA is not able to pay for that venue any more. Alternative solution must be found for annual Christmas and other concert. In discussion that followed, Committee members suggested possible alternatives such as: churches, schools, amphitheaters in Dubai's parks, shopping malls, etc.
  2. Tala Badri informed Committee that, for fund raising purposes, the CMA will help DCGO to open its own bank account under CMA.
  3. CMA is paying for the rent of Voltas rehearsal room. To cover for other costs, DCGO membership annual fee was proposed. In principle, idea is accepted by the Committee. Fee amount will be decided after estimation of annual DCGO budget after which there will be a follow-up meeting with the parents.
  4. Tala Obeidat suggested that concert or rehearsal in some of the park amphitheaters can be combined with fund raising family picninc for DCGO members and their families. Idea is supported by the Committee.
  5. Imran Ahmed suggested creation of a Concert Committee whose task will be to plan the annual budget. Idea is supported by the Committee.
  6. Wendy Palmer proposed that other CMA musicians should be invited to perform with DCGO. Idea is supported by the Committee.

Minutes taken by Drazen